Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Casino Fatale

Warning: Anyone planning to attend a Casino Fatale Freeform in the future should stop reading now!

On the bank's of the Seine in Paris is the Hotel d'Etoile, with its glittering Casino Fatale. One night in the height of Summer the casino hosted a lavish charity auction, inviting the biggest movers and shakers in Paris...

The guests, including (from left-right); Pat Bullitt, head of Pinnacle Security; Natalie Bois, a junior police detective; Felicity Philips, a cabaret star; Anna Upanova, a wealthy Russian lady leisure; Countess Alice de Ville, a rich British aristocrat; Donovan Jones, a bohemian poet; Selina Skye, a wealthy jewellery maker; Eva Goodbody, an American journalist; Zara Zirconoff, a young starlet; and Jacques Renard, an incredibly powerful businessman.

However, as the guests were greeted by Ali Riders (centre, in red waistcoat) they received some shocking news...not only had the star item of the auction, a large diamond pendant, been stolen, one of the croupiers at the casino had been found brutally murdered. Not only that, the infamous 'Mr X' was apparently in the building...a night of mystery and dark secrets followed!

Matt Bond, who turned out to be a British spy (surprise surprise!)talks to Anna Upanova (who turned out to be a Russian spy!) as they attempt to track to Mr X.

Meanwhile, Ralph Anderson, a local bouncer who was apparently working for Mr X grills scientist Ashley Bunson for the nuclear plans she had followed to give to Mr X that evening!

At the same time, another of Mr X's employees attempts to silence Eva Goodbody, who turned out to be an undercover CIA agent, into silence. Unfortunately he was won over by her charms and they plotted together to kill Mr X!

As all this was going on Countess Alice de Ville set about achieving her goals in the Grand Salon of Casino Fatale. It turned out that she too was working for Mr X, who had helped her murder her husband. However, she wanted out of Mr X's scheme and decided to reveal to the world his true identity...Donovan Jones!

As Lord James T Burke attempted to keep all the ladies happy, Casino Manager Sam Riley grilled her croupiers, attempting to find out who killed Roberto Pirelli. At the same time she had to keep quiet her own secret; she had been stealing money from the Casino Safe.

Meanwhile, Mr X (Donovan Jones), having found out Selina Sky was secretly Melissa Havelot, the daughter of the scientist Mr X had killed, attempts to secure the nuclear plans from her. In the Grand Salon Jacques Renard, the secret owner of the casino talks to famous racing driver Alex Kirk as the increasingly drunk Alice de Ville performs her infamous Shell Dance.

After much interviewing Inspector Leclou concluded that Jacques Renard had murdered Roberto Pirelli, who had turned out to have been Jacque's brother. Roberto had went to Eva Goodbody, the CIA agent, about Jacque's illegal dealings and needed to be silenced.

It was also revealed that Zara Zirconoff was the jewel thief. Also, Inspector Leclou revealed who his apparent sidekick, Detective Natalie Bois was an impostor, and was also a jewel thief as well- it was pretty obvious from her lack of detective skills!

All in all a great night was had by all...there was blackmail, bribery, 7 assassination attempts on Mr X and even murder.

Casino Fatale is produced by FreeFrom Games- I cannot recommend their mystery games highly enough!


steve said...


Steve here from Freeform Games. I've just come across your blog entry about our Casino Fatale murder mystery party game.

I really enjoyed reading your report and looking at your photos - it looks like it was a great party and I'm pleased that our game was a success.

Unfortunately I've noticed that you also give away an awful lot of the game secrets - including the identify of the murderer. We would be very grateful if you could amend your blog entry so that you don't give away the game secrets.

I know we're asking a lot, but we've had some of our customers have their game spoilt when they have stumbled across sites like yours. As I'm sure you can appreciate, knowing the game secrets in advance of the game makes it a lot less fun!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

Steve Hatherley
Freeform Games

(I know that you've included a disclaimer at the top - however, I'm sure that you appreciate that it would be better if the disclaimer didn't have to be written!)

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